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About Us

The town of Woodstock, NY has long been known as an arts colony and a spiritual and inspirational center for artists, musicians, and social mavericks. The Woodstock concert in 1969 sealed the town's fate as an iconic locale, drawing people from all over the world who were intrigued by the idealism of Woodstock Nation.

In the late 1960s, the creators of Candlestock were on their way to California, when an ice storm on the NY State Thruway had them detour to Woodstock. The beauty, charm and energy of the town and its residents drew them in, and they began contributing their candle-making talents to the town's many cultural offerings.

In 1970 Candlestock was opened as a one-room candle shop, with a small drip candle burning continuously in the corner. The candles were handcrafted, each one unique, and all designed to burn beautifully. The store's reputation grew steadily over the years, and the candle shop expanded with the candle-maker's talents and the increasing demand for his handiwork.

40 years later, Woodstock is still renowned for its artistic and freethinking spirit, and Candlestock is now one of the oldest businesses in town. And of course that drip candle still burns continuously in the corner of the store. Like the store itself, the drip candle has grown over time, and is now a candle mountain burning at a towering eight feet high and three feet wide!