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Little Apple Cafe

Little Apple Cafe


About Us

In October of 2019 it was purchased by Holly Walsh and transformed into Little Apple Café. As a longtime customer of Little Apple, when Holly heard it for sale, she knew in her heart what she wanted to do. Holly’s passion for health and wellness have come full circle as she now has a wheelhouse to make her fabulous creations for all. Little Apple Café is a locally owned family business. You will often find Holly’s son and husband at the café lending a helping hand. Creating fabulous tasting smoothies, fresh pressed juices, acai bowls, salads, food and being able to offer it to local people was just the right fit for Holly.

We have a beautiful outside patio that is used in the warmer months and and in the winter months we serve “To Go” from our patio window. Our goal is to offer our customers a welcoming environment to enjoy the fresh, robust flavors of all of our products from local and organically sourced ingredients. Our focus is to get people of all ages eating healthier as well as having a better understanding of how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Our delicious cold pressed juices, acai bowls and superfood smoothies are proof that eating healthy can be not only beneficial, but also enjoyable!


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