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Woodstock Appreciates Its Volunteers


Community and Non-ProfitOrganizations

About Us

The mission of the Woodstock Volunteers' Day Committee is to honor all of our volunteers, to enhance the efforts of all our community organizations, to raise awareness about the wide circle of kindness and generosity in our community and to model for our children that our community values the volunteer spirit.

Volunteer's Day is a day in which there is an opportunity to help us all remember what is good about our community. While we are reminded everyday of the considerable acts of kindness and personal generosity that our volunteers offer us on a daily basis, never asking to be thanked, on Volunteers' Day, the volunteers are the ''Guests of Honor.'' This is our community's expression of gratitude. A community should never take its volunteers for granted.

The Woodstock Volunteers' Day Committee recognizes the members of all the charitable and service organizations in our community. Our Town Picnic is organized in their honor, a music festival is preformed, volunteers are treated to lunch, their children and grandchildren are provided playful activities.